Cameron Diaz shares her routine diet to age gracefully

Cameron Díaz has stood out thanks to her talent and beauty, for this reason many of her followers have not hesitated for a single second to ask her about her routine diet to age with that grace that characterizes her so much.

According to the information issued by the eatingwell portal, in his younger years, Cameron Diaz She didn’t care much about her healthy eating, and in one of her communiqués she revealed that she was a reformed fast food addict, however, her years of research for her books taught her about the true meaning of nourishing her body for healthy eating. optimal health. This is how she wrote it in The Longevity Book:

Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz

“Good nutrition can prolong life. What we eat affects how long we live and how we feel every day we’re alive.”


At breakfast, Cameron Diaz choose to drink a bottle of water first thing in the morning, in order to hydrate after eight hours without drinking liquid. In her diet, she chooses to eat two breakfasts, the first is something really light, either an apple with almond butter, or a little oatmeal or scrambled eggs.


Their formula for aging gracefully is: protein + carbohydrates + good fats + green leafy vegetables. In addition, on the aforementioned portal, eatingwell, he also confessed that “everything tastes better with a squeeze of lemon.”


Though Cameron Diaz He is not a great lover of sandwiches, in case he provokes an appetizer, he prepares a plate of cereals with vegetables, chicken broth, lemon and garlic. In addition to this, they also drink their respective probiotics, which is a rice-based drink.


It is clearly that Cameron Diaz Not a fan of sweets, when asked about her favorite dinner dish, she replied that it is a “tasty high-protein dish with avocado.” In one of the jokes she revealed that her famous lamb chops are one of the reasons why her husband Benji Madden loves her.

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