Cameron Diaz is the same now as when he was 17

There is no doubt that Cameron Diaz She is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. And, who does not remember the imposing Tina Carlyle from the movie ‘The Mask’? A beautiful blue-eyed blonde who conquered everyone’s hearts during the 90s. Now, almost three decades later, some photos have been leaked. Photos of the actress from when she was 17 years who have managed to surprise all their fans, because they are still just as beautiful that in his youth… Did he achieve the formula of eternal youth in these last eight years off the big screen?

These photos, which are going around the world, were taken in 1989when he was starting his modeling career with the British photographer Alistair Cowin, just after returning from Japan to work on various modeling campaigns for his agency ‘Elite Model Management’. In the snapshots, Cameron can be seen posing with various looks that are very representative of the time: a floral maxi dress over a white T-shirt (a look that has been rescued in recent years), and a look with a white tank top, a skirt measure squared gingham in light blue and white lace tights.

Cameron Diaz at 17

Cameron Diaz at 17

In the photos, the young model posed on a meadow under the orders of the photographer, who captured all her essence and beauty without the use of any type of filter, since that type of technology was not used in those years. However, the actress did not need them, since her skin, her face, her hair… everything was perfect. Thanks to her traits coming from her extensive genealogy that she comprises a great diversity of English, Spanish, Cuban, German, Dutch and even ethnic ancestors. Cherokee of the Native Americans, the actress managed to get some campaigns for calvin klein Y Levi’s before beginning her acting career. She also made the cover of ‘Seventeen’ magazine for the month of July 1990. Now, 32 years latercontinues to boast of the same beauty that has characterized her all these years.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz returns to the big screen after eight years of hiatus

Recently, the actress from ‘Charlie’s Angels’ has decided to resume her career in Hollywood by accepting a role in the film ‘Back in action’, a title that fits him like a glove for his return to acting. For this film, directed by Seth Gordon, the actress will have the participation of the Oscar winner, Jamie Foxx.

In an interview with ‘CBS’, the actress recounted her reasons for retiring from acting for almost a decade. “When you do something that you know, that you have done well, that you know how it works and that has consumed your whole life for so long, it is necessary to allow yourself to step back for a second and take a look at the big picture and the things that could be done better to being more committed to what can make you feel more complete’. So I did it”, said.

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