Buffy: Sarah Michelle Gellar Wants Zendaya In The Series!

Buffy: The reboot is still under construction but there is talk of who could play the Slayer. According to Sarah Michelle Gellar, for her role the ideal would be Zendaya …

In Buffy, fans who follow the series know that the Slayer, who is the absolute protagonist, must always change with the course of time. The chosen one, as defined in the iconic line that opens Buffy, varies between generations and therefore is never always the same all the time. Also in the course of the new reboot will have to change and to express herself on the subject was Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played the previous Slayer, and stressed that from her point of view it should be Zendaya to have a role in the series.

Buffy: Sarah Michelle Gellar wants Zendaya to be the new Slayer!

Buffy’s reboot was confirmed in 2018, but the series has never materialized in any way since then. Until recently, the reboot was in development with Monica Uwusu-Breen in charge of directing and producing. Subsequently, however, everything stopped and it appeared particularly slowed down. A number of factors contributed to the obstacles in the making of Buffy, such as Disney’s acquisition of Fox (which has always been the production house of the series). According to other rumors, he is only waiting to find the right creative direction. In any case, however, surely Buffy will be ready sooner or later and the certainty is that she will have to change the protagonist Slayer. Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played her previously, has released some statements that, from her point of view, the new ideal Slayer would be Zendaya.. What is certain, which had already been leaked for some time, is that the production had in mind to choose a black Slayer, who however would not have been a Slayer in the sense that the word had previously. In fact, an unprecedented character would have taken over who would have responded to the call of previous generations and would have continued to fight with equal audacity against evil. A big news that certainly could attract the public, but it is not certain that Zendaya can really accept the role of her, given her busy schedule.

Buffy: Sarah Michelle Gellar reveals she wouldn’t be willing to come back!

During a podcast with Mario Lopez, the former Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar, talked about the reboot in more depth and the distant hypothesis that she may be asked to return to the role. She the actress has stated that she is by no means against the idea of ​​the reboot in general, but she is no longer the right person to play the Slayer. Gellar has in fact explained that from her point of view, the success of the series was also due to the fact that the monsters metaphorically represented the difficulties of adolescence. At this point, therefore, she would no longer be adequate to play the role of the Slayer, at least from her point of view. It was from this thought that his proposal to choose Zendaya was born, which among other things is also very close to the younger audience and could be a guarantee of success for the series. Anyway, Sarah Michelle Gellar said she doesn’t have any work plans at the moment, but she’s dedicating herself to her family and herself. Meanwhile, Clare Kramer, who played Glory, also said that it will still take time to make the reboot, but that from her point of view it will be difficult to get the full cast back. The certainty is that, however, Zendaya still has many commitments, being focused on Euphoria, the fourth season of Spiderman and also Dune. Therefore, everything still remains to be established. What do you think about it? Would you watch Buffy reboot with Zendaya or would you rather have the entire original cast be there? Comments to you!

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