Britney Spears’ father insists that the singer be brought to trial

The legal dispute between Britney Spears and his father Jamie Spears continues to give what to talk about; now the ex-guardian will be called by the Los Angeles court after August 12 to give her statement and explain some controversial situations that were made known about the former legal guardianship of the “Princess of pop”.

According to the TMZ portal, a judge ruled that Spears will be questioned, despite the fact that the official date of the hearing is still available.

Jamie has also insisted that Britney be brought to court, because she filed legal documents accusing the singer of leading a hate campaign against her on social networks, however, so far her request has not had an answer.

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But the alleged hate campaign is not the only thing Jamie is fighting for, in the documents she presented to the court she asks her daughter to testify about the comments, where she assured that: She was not allowed to marry, and was forced to enter rehab , even argues that he also has the right to question her.

According to the portal, the judges were aware of the situation and prepared to prevent Britney from being called to trial, although upon hearing the arguments during a session held yesterday, without either of them being present, it was decided to postpone the ruling. end July 27.

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The lawyer of the interpreter of “Toxic” has expressed, on other occasions, that they want Jamie to answer questions about how the guardianship operated under his supervision, since they accuse him of spending a large part of his fortune.

In addition, he wants to question him about the alleged cameras and microphones in Britney’s rooms, as they say he has recordings and audios of intimate conversations in his possession to keep her under surveillance all the time.

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