Bennifer: this is the movie mansion where Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will remarry

HA couple of days ago the first images of the luxurious and private mansion where Ben Affleck Y Jennifer Lopez They will celebrate their second wedding, after the first nuptials took place in Las Vegas and well under the table. It is a residence that Affleck bought during his first stage of romance with the singer.

Last month, Jennifer Lopez announced his engagement to Ben Affleck and immediately the couple monopolize the spotlight of the press and emotion to their fans. Surprisingly, a day later they both secretly traveled to Las Vegas to get married in a simple ceremony and immediately begin a honeymoon to Europe with their children.

Days later, the couple, now known as Bennifer, announced that they would hold a second ceremony, now with guests and “throwing the house out the window”, because among the guests will be celebrities, artists of Hollywood, family among others and that will be held in the luxurious mansion that the actor bought between 2000 and 2004, when he had his first romance with the Puerto Rican actress and has a lot of memories for both.

In fact, the venue is so exclusive that the ceremony would easily be considered the

wedding of the year

In accordance with Homes & GardensBen Affleck’s mansion, referred to as “The Big House”, it is located in hampton island preserve, a luxurious subdivision in the suburbs of Atlanta, with a total area of ​​5,996 square feet of land, it has four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, living room, dining room and study, river views, a golf course, among other facilities.

Affleck estate family room

Affleck estate family roomTwitter

Interestingly, in 2019, Ben Affleck He sold said property for 8 million dollars. However, he could not finalize the sale, so the actor decided to keep it, as a great sign of destiny that he could meet his now wife, Jennifer Lopez.

The luxurious residence where Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez will marry

The property was purchased by Affleck from John Morgan, a logging businessman who built it for himself. It consists of five lots and a house in hampton island Preserve in April 2003, costing about $7.5 million.

The façade has 25-foot-high Doric columns, which support the front terrace, overlooking the river. North Newport, which are qualified as “impossible to describe”.

Inside, it features a family room, living room, sunroom, exercise room, children’s playroom, formal dining room, chef’s kitchen, library, great room, billiards room, master suite, laundry room, and outdoor kitchen. . The floors are pine and it has huge arched fireplaces.


The property also includes other real estate, known as Oyster House 10,000 square feet, with five bedrooms and three master suites on the upper level with a wrap-around balcony, an open floor plan, and an outdoor pavilion on the lower level. There is also a large room called Summer Cottage which can be used for cooking and having outdoor gatherings.

It even has raised, floating docks to navigate.

The Big House, residence of Ben Affleck, located in the Hampton Island Preserve


On the property, there is also a pool and cabana, carport, covered patio/deck, deck, fire pit, stable/barn, garden area, and an additional building/shed.

There are not many houses available for sale in hamptonisland, of 4,000 acres, which has only between eight and 10 houses in total. A large part of the island is controlled by developers. The island was once home to rice and cotton plantations.

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