Ben Affleck, protagonist of numerous memes after falling asleep in full honeymoon

Just a few days ago Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck surprised everyone by posting on their social networks that they were officially husband and wife. A marriage that took place in the most discreet intimacy and where they gave each other the yes I want that has been waiting for them so much for 20 years.

After that, the newlywed couple did not hesitate twice and packed their bags to fully enjoy their long-awaited honeymoon. A trip for which they have moved to Paris, France, and which they are carrying out hand in hand with their respective children. But, what is revolutionizing social networks has been nothing other than the attitude with which the actor is facing these days of romanticism.

And it is that, Ben Affleck has been caught on the boat in which they were crossing the Seine river completely asleep. Given this, the rumors about the possible boredom of the actor of Pearl Harbor on their honeymoon they have only gone off like wildfire, and so have the memes.

Some users of the platform have taken the humorous side of the situation and have addressed that if the actor was so tired days before his wedding, in a year he would not give him life for more. Others They identified with it on walks or family chats, while some point out that it is “drier than Nuevo León.”

Words that refer to the clause imposed in his marriage contract with the pop diva. She is definitely being a trip that has already been immortalized for the memory, also in the virtual world.

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