Bad Bunny: These are the films in which the reggaeton player has appeared

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bad bunny appears in the new action comedy “Bullet Train” so we present you the other films in which the reggaeton player has appeared. In addition to the big screen, the Puerto Rican has shown his acting talent in television series and streaming platforms.

After having declared himself one of the most influential artists in the world of music, Bad Bunny has decided to explore his acting talent. The Puerto Rican little by little is fulfilling his dreams, because from appearing with small characters he has come to star alongside big Hollywood stars.

The movies in which Bad Bunny has appeared

“Bullet Train”

“Bullet Train” or “Bullet Train” is the most recent film in which Bad Bunny has participatedwhich premiered on August 3, 2022. In this current action comedy, the reggaeton player shares the limelight with big Hollywood stars like Brad PittJoey King and Sandra Bullock.

This film is based on the Japanese novel “Maria Beetle” by author Kotaro Isaka, who agreed that the film was not “so Japanese.” “Bullet Train” follows the story of five contract killers, who meet on a bullet train that travels from Tokyo to Morioka and throughout the film the assassins will discover that they have the same mission.


In “Bullet Train” Bad Bunny finally landed a leading role in the movies bringing to life the hit man, “The Wolf”. The character of the trap singer faces “Ladybug”, played by Brad Pitt, in a death chase as seen in the film’s trailer.

“Fast and Furious 9”

In 2021 Bad Bunny appeared in the film of one of the most important sagas in Hollywood, “Fast and Furious 9”. Although more was expected from the interpreter of “I behave pretty” after it came to light that he would participate in the famous film, the reggaeton player only had a small role.

Bad Bunny appeared in a short cameo as part of a flashback with the young versions of the characters of John Cena and Vin Diesel. However, the Puerto Rican had an important role in the film’s soundtrack, since he participated with his theme “De museo”.

“The dead”

Bad Bunny joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe playing one of the Spiderman villains with his own movie. However, the film will be under the production of Sony Pictures, so it is not yet known if she will participate with the Spider-Man from Tom Holland.

After small appearances and supporting roles, Bad Bunny finally manages to position himself as the protagonist of a movie. Although the news did not excite superhero fans, the CEO of Sony Pictures, Tony Vinciquerra has all the faith of him placed in him.

“American Sun”

Another of the future film projects in which the interpreter of “Titi asked me” will participate is in “American Sole”. Bad Bunny will have the role of producer of the film in addition to participating as part of the cast.

The “Bad Rabbit” will participate in the film produced by kevin hart and STX Films sharing the screen with Peter DavidsonCamilla Mendes, sydney sweeney and offset. The plot follows two young men who are dedicated to reselling sneakers to pay off their college debt and achieve the American dream.

“Narcos: Mexico”

Movies aside Bad Bunny had a special appearance in the famous Netflix series “Narcos: Mexico”. The participation of Benito, his birth name, was one of the most notorious, making a large audience wait to see him on screen.

In the season of the popular drug trafficking series, Bad Bunny plays the role of Arturo “Kitty” Páez, who was a member of Ramón Arellano Félix’s gang. This organization, better known as the “Narcojunior”, was made up of rich young people dedicated to money and drug laundering.

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