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Ashton Kutcher spoke out on social networks in defense of Ukraine, the country of origin of his wife, Mila Kunis.

Ashton Kutcher left a message on your twitter account in allusion to the attack suffered by Ukraine by Russia. I am with Ukraine” the actor said. Concise, but very clear, this is what he posted:

The message of kutcher has great relevance because his wife, the actress Mila Kunisborn in Chernivtsi, Ukraineon August 14, 1983. When Kunis he was 7 years old, his mother Elvira and his father Mark decided to emigrate to the USA because, despite having good jobs, they did not see a good future in the country for mila and his younger brother, Michael. “We left with $250, that was all they weren’t allowed to take with us. My parents gave up their titles, left everything [Elvira es profesora de física y Mark, ingeniero mecánico]. We arrived in New York on a Wednesday and on Friday my brother and I were already studying in Los Angeles,” the actress once said.

the star of Hollywood She also expressed her difficulty in adapting being so small. “She cried every day, I didn’t understand the language, the culture, I didn’t understand people,” he said. Kuniswho does not have social networks, for which it was her husband who left the message in support of Ukraine.

The couple met andn 1998, when both were summoned for the famous sitcom That ’70s Show. “I thought he was so cute and adorable and then in a scene when I had to kiss him I felt really nervous because I had a platonic crush on him,” she said. Kunis once about that young man who would become her husband and father of her children. In any case, many years passed before they began a relationship. Kunis she was eight years married to Macaulay CulkinY kutcher got married with Demi Moore. However, when in 2012, already single, they saw each other again, the chemistry did not take long to emerge.

In 2014 their first daughter was born, Wyatt Isabelle. A year later and with the girl as a witness, Kunis Y kutcher they got married, and in 2016 the family grew with the arrival of Dimitri. Although they seek cultivate a low profile, The actress told how much the rumors that occasionally arise regarding her marriage bother her. “Once a year I find out that Ashton and I are planning a divorce,” said the actress of Ukrainian origin and naturalized American in an interview with the magazine Cosmopolitan.

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