Ariana Grande was the envy of Jenette McCurdy on Nickelodeon


Jenette McCurdy confessed that at some point in her acting career, she came to be quite jealous of what her partner set, Ariana Grande was getting, because she started having more success than her.

The Nickelodeon series was something very complicated for the actress to face, since she not only suffered abuse from her mother, but for her it represented a difficult situation in which she had to struggle with your eating disorders; as well as what she felt for those around her.

Jenette confessed in a podcast that she shared in 2021, that the relationship she had with the ‘Break Free’ singer was one of the things that they disliked him the most when he was recording the program.

That was one of the reasons why the show had to be cancelled, even though both characters had a lot to exploit; However, the actress revealed in a podcast that she was very envious of everything the successful singer is.

After the start of the series with Ariana, everything in her life took a big mess, since the success of the singer began to be bigger when they had just recorded a few chapters of the series, so Ariana’s time was pretty short, and it was almost impossible to get her job done here.

It was such a success that it began to have, that even in the series Ariana had to be recorded inside a box, where apparently she disappeared for a long time, with which they could pretend that she was still inside, while she could not be in the set.

“The themes of that movie resonated with me. I was at a Nickelodeon show. At first they told me it would be my show and a few weeks later it was decided that it would be a show with two protagonists. ‘Your co-star will be Ariana Grande’… okay, I already knew her from another Nickelodeon show and from some events. I didn’t know her well and we started the show. So Ariana Grande’s explosion of fame happened during the first 20 episodes and she had to miss work because she was too busy with a lot of events.”said the actress, giving a bit of the context of what was happening in Grande’s career.

She also confessed that she was very jealous of all the success she was getting because seeing her succeed in that way, the comparison she made between the two had a big difference.

She had a performance at the Grammys and I was performing at the show. with a box, because they decided that for that week her character would be trapped in a box so she could perform at the Grammys and I I felt I deserved more than that. I didn’t even want to make music, I don’t know why I was comparing myself to this person.”

He added that in the end he was able to realize the big mistake he was making and over time, he overcame what he was experiencing, in addition to the fact that a movie was the one that opened his eyes.

“Watching the movie helped me process all this jealousy and know why they are there. She motivated me to work on myself”, sentenced.

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