Andie MacDowell refuses to touch up her face and looks wrinkled and gray at 64

actress and model Andie McDowell has decided not to do any face retouch at 64 years old, proudly wearing his wrinkles and expression lines typical of age. Furthermore, he decided to accept her gray hair, going from her classic chestnut hair to curly hair with white and gray tones. Given this, the fans of who has been one of the most iconic faces of the beauty brand L’Oreal Paris They have decided to support her decision, confirming that, with or without touch-ups, she remains one of the most beautiful women in the industry.

Recently, the ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ actress hosted the sixth annual gala of ‘Women of Worth’ of the L’Oréal Paris brand in the city of Toronto, Canada. During this celebration, the actress took the opportunity to tell how the receptivity of the new generations has been before her image of her. “Here’s something really lovely about how the younger generation treats me. They want me to feel good about myself, because they know that one day they will look like me. They support me because they see their future in me.” Indian.

This L’Oréal Paris gala is responsible for recognizing the philanthropic work of 10 women in Canada who help their community, giving $10,000 to each of their organizations, and in the end they choose one of those 10 organizations to become the ‘Honoree Nacional’, who receives an additional $10,000. “It’s a beautiful thing what L’Oréal Paris does, enlightening women who have the unique gift of recognizing something in their community that needs time and attention.”, says MacDowell about this initiative of the brand in which he has worked the last 37 years, thus achieving one of the oldest beauty contracts in history.

Andie MacDowell was inspired by George Clooney

Although MacDowell has decided not to undergo any type of invasive treatment to attenuate or eliminate her wrinkles, she is very committed to the facial care to keep her skin hydrated and tries to use very little makeup in her day to day. However, on the red carpet or at a formal gala, the actress does experiment a little more with new makeup trendsGiven the “it is important to take risks and have fun, because definitely I’m not an old lady”, he said jokingly.

Also, in a recent interview with ‘The Sunday Times’, the actress recounted how people in the entertainment industry reacted to seeing her with her gray hair and showing off her wrinkles with pride. “They could have been mean to me. But everyone was so sweet and kind and I was relieved because I really like him. I feel more comfortable”, he counted. In addition, she assured that when looking for inspiration for a ‘salt and pepper’ hair look, as she calls it, she did not find any feminine reference, so she was inspired by George Clooneybut aspires to become the representation and inspiration of all those middle-aged women who want to accept their gray hair without fear of what they will say.

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