all the news you need to know about Season 3 and the new update 21.00

The season 2 finale event of Fortnite It put an end to what, for me, has been the worst season of battle royale in a long time. Expectations were pretty low, that’s true. But the truth is that it has been to see the presentation trailer of the new Season 3 and to have that beautiful feeling again that I have sometimes with Fortnite; that the important thing is to have fun and share it with people.

It is not something that I say by chance: the recently released season of the game transmits summer vibes that have changed my sense of humor today. But now it’s time to get a little (just a little) more serious to talk about all the news that comes with Season 3 of Fortnite. Then I leave you with a list and concrete summary of all the information that Epic Games has published about it.

New mechanics, content, weapons and places of Fortnite Season 3


  • A new biome has been added to the map called Reality Cascades.
  • The latter is made up of a lush purple forest where we can find bouncing mushrooms and other consumables
  • Added a new mechanic thanks to the reality seed item
  • If we plant this in one game, we can harvest it in the next in the same place to get a great loot
  • The bolonchos have returned to Fortnite
  • You can now ride on the backs of boars and wolves
  • The storm will now do more damage to us when we are in it
  • Sliding mechanics have been improved

new weapons

  • two shot shotgun: A burst shotgun capable of dealing a lot of damage in a short amount of time
  • Designated Marksman Rifle: A new rifle whose range is somewhere between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle
  • hammer assault rifle: a rifle with a difficult recoil, but useful at all types of distances
  • On the other hand, these are the weapons that return to season 3:
    • secondary pistol
    • Stir
    • automatic shotgun
    • Pump and ram shotgun
    • stinger submachine gun
    • combat submachine gun
    • commando assault rifle
    • Ram Rifle (Burst Assault)
    • heavy marksman rifle
    • Grenade
    • luminescent jar
    • harpoon gun
    • Shadow Seeker (Exotic Weapon)
    • Precise six-round revolver (exotic weapon)
    • Triumph (exotic weapon)
    • Explosive Sniper Rifle (Exotic Weapon)
    • Shock Grenades (not technically a weapon, but oh well)

New Battle Pass

  • Fortnite has received a new Battle Pass with the Darth Vader skin as his final outfit
  • The secret skin of this season will be Indiana Jones
  • There is a new skin that we can craft in parts depending on how we want

From 9 to 10; How hyped are you for this new Season 3 of Fortnite? It only remains to check if those responsible for the game manage to keep the quality of the battle royale a little higher than in recent months to be facing one of the best content stages of Chapter 3. I am absolutely convinced.

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