Alfa Romeo’s new plan to conquer the USA

Alfa Romeo is in full restructuring of the range. The Italian firm intends to recover lost ground in Europebut also to gain important weight in other markets such as USA either China. And hence one of the novelties that it has on its roadmap.

We recently met the Alfa Romeo Tonalea SUVs compact that is already on sale in Spain. And soon we will live the arrival of the Brennera B SUV which will be added to tone and to Stelvio to complete an interesting SUV range, and that will be available in conventional variants and in a 100% electric one. However, the news regarding SUVs may not end here.

Alfa Romero Tonale «Edizione Speciale»
Alfa Romero Tonale «Edizione Speciale»

Alfa Romeo prepares a new large model for 2027

Because, as can be deduced from one of the last interventions of Jean Philippe Imparato, CEO of Alfa Romeo, the Italian brand would be working on another large model that aims to be an SUV that competes with models such as the BMW X5. However, it should not be ruled out that it is a sedan or a crossover that falls halfway between the conventional and the SUV.

In any case, this new model will arrive in 2027 and it will do so with a range that will have 100% electric versions. A model that will reach Europe, China and the United States, and that it will have this last territory as the main objective in its conquest. In fact, this new large model, a priori, will be manufactured in the North American country.

Alfa Romeo Brenner
Alfa Romeo Brenner

An SUV or a sedan?

“Our offer for a large vehicle must be adapted to the international, American, Chinese and European markets”, he recently pointed out. imparate in a round table held with the industry press.

It should be noted that to date it was known that Alfa Romeo works on a new large SUV called Castle and that it would arrive in 2027, which would fit perfectly with the aforementioned. However, it seems that Alfa Romeo is not yet sure if a new SUV is the right path: “We want to find the right combination. It is a decision that we will make at the end of this year.”

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