A new footballer invests in esports as an owner to compete in FIFA, Fortnite or DOTA

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The world of esports is mainly aimed at Young and it is attractive to brands. Investors, although sometimes blind, do not usually fail.

The future will tell us in which category it is located Virgil Van DJik. The Liverpool defender is a football heavyweight. On the field, his imposing physique allows him to be respected and he is an imposing centre-back. He regularly wears the captain’s armband at Liverpool and is also worth several million in the transfer market. The market value of it is estimated at €55 million (Transfermark) and his annual salary is estimated to be more than 13 million.

Therefore, you have enough assets to indulge yourself and have decided to become in co-owner of a team while performing as ambassador. His style of play is less elegant than that of david beckhambut he can do better than the former England international, who has some difficulty Monetize Guild Esports .

A “Network” in virtual sport

The footballer joins the British structure Tundra Esports. Founded in 2019, it participates in various games (FIFA, Fortnite, DotA 2…). The latter was notably present in Major ESL One Stockholm 2022 , won by OG and the eternal Ceb. Tundra was not unworthy and took 3rd place. At FIFA, we were able to see the structure at the FIFAe World Cup 2022. One of its representatives, damie, finished in 21/24th place in the tournament. In Fortnite, the team missed out on the great years of Battle Royale and landed on the scene this year, leaning on two young English players born in 2004: I come Y Pinq .

According to the organization, Van Djik has been a gamer since childhood (today he is 31 years old). In particular, he plays FIFA and Fortnite, which makes him “a natural partner” in the project. The notion of co-owner she’s pretty loose in esports, but now owns shares in the structure. You will also use your image and networks to promote Tundra Esports as ambassador. Obviously, the organization rubs its hands.

Van Djik, a great race

We take this opportunity to honor Van Dijk, football player. A Dutch international, he has 47 caps for his country and is the current captain of the Netherlands. At the club, he grew up in Groningen before being discovered at Southampton and exploding in the eyes of the public at Liverpool.

He has been one of the best defenders in the world for several years. In 2019, he finished second in the Ballon d’Or ranking, behind only Lionel Messi. A capital performance for a contest that struggles to reward defensively oriented players.

At the level of the prize lists, it counts in particular:

  • One Premier League title (2019-2020)
  • A Champions League (2018-2019)
  • A UEFA Super Cup (2019)
  • A Club World Cup (2019)
  • A Community Shield (2022)

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