5 PHOTOS of Ben Affleck before and after MARRYING Jennifer Lopez

For two decades, Ben Affleck He is considered one of the most sought-after leading men in Hollywood, which was demonstrated when in the early 2000s he was a couple of Jennifer Lopezhowever, with the passage of time it has gone through a great evolution, and even, after several failed relationships, it returned to have an affair with J-Lo, so then you can see 5 Photos how the actor has looked before Y after of get marry with the famous actress and singer.

After several years as a child actor, Ben He rose to world fame after being one of the protagonists of the movie ‘Armaggedon’, and shortly after he starred in another box office hit ‘Pearl Harbor’, which made him a Hollywood celebrity, however, his popularity was catapulted when It was revealed that he was in a relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

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