30 years ago today, on August 6, Carl Lewis jumped into history

Among the important legacy left by the Games is the Collsorela communications tower, designed by Norman Foster, a symbol of modernity at the time and today an essential reference in the Barcelona skyline. His imprint is one more of how exceptional those Games were, which ended because of dreams and wills. And the few skeptics, who also were, ended up surrendering to the arguments of Pedro Palacios, the communication director of that event, one of those who best knew how to convey the positivism of the organization.

The wonders continued to happen in the Olympic facilities. And Montjuïc attended the coronation, for the third consecutive Games, of Carl Lewis as long-distance champion after a spectacular clash with Mike Powell, resolved by just three centimeters (8.67 for the winner and 8.64 for the silver medal), against the watchful eye of Michael Douglas and Jack Nicholson, two of the VIPS who did not want to miss the duel in the Olympic pit. But Montjuïc surrendered equally or more to a young athlete from Alhama (Murcia), Antonio Peñalver, 23, who won a silver medal in the decathlon event, which crowns the most complete athlete, and led to Spanish athletics at his majority.

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