#ZNSeries – Separation Criticism. First season


Address: Dan Erickson (Creator), Ben Stiller, Aoife McArdle.
Script: Mohammad el Masri, Dan Erickson, Andrew Colville.
Music: Theodore Shapiro.
Photography: Jessica Lee Gagne.
Distribution: Adam Scott, Patricia Arquette, John Turturro, Britt Lower, Zach Cherry, Christopher Walken, Tramell Tillman, Dichen Lachman, Jen Tullock, Marc Geller, Yul Vazquez, Mark Kenneth Smaltz, Nikki M. James.
chapters: 9.
producer: Endeavor Content, Red Hour.
Nationality: USA.

“When the enslaving subordination of individuals to the division of labor has disappeared, and with it, the opposition between intellectual work and manual work; when work is not only a way of life, but the first vital necessity; when, with the development of individuals in all its aspects, the productive forces also grow and the springs of collective wealth flow in full flow, only then can the narrow horizon of bourgeois right be totally surpassed, and society will be able to write on its flags : From each according to his abilities; to each according to his needs!” Karl Marx.

In 2004, the French filmmaker michel gondry brought to fruition Forget about me!a film starring Jim Carrey Y Kate Winslet in which they embodied an ill-suited couple who had decided to erase any type of memory of their relationship. Of course, the thing was not going to be so simple and the consequences of messing with the brain soon came to light. With a similar starting point, AppleTV+ premiered on February 18 Separation (severityin its original version) an exclusive title from the apple company that is part of a select catalog that also includes series such as servant either The Afterparty and movies like The tragedy of Macbeth either The swan song.

Although this platform does not have as many users as Netflix, Disney+, hbo max either Amazon Prime Video, the truth is that after finishing the viewing of its first season, we were forced to review it. Without a doubt, Separation is one of the productions of the year and we are sure that it will soon become a cult series.

From the first moment, Separation raises more questions than answers. Some of them will be answered in this first season while part of the mystery remains pending for future chapters. Fortunately, the series created by Dan Erickson has been renovated for a new bow. Conspiracy, paranoia, science fiction, absurd humor, thriller… everything has a place in the nine episodes that have seen the light and that, for the most part, have been directed by ben stiller. The popular actor Something happens with Mary either Her parents has an interesting background behind the scenes with tapes like Tropic Thunder either The secret Life of Walter Mittyalthough he also made his first steps directing the award-winning miniseries Escape at Dannemora with Benicio, the bull, Patricia Arquette Y paul dano at your service.

In its endless, labyrinthine white corridors, the workers of Lumon Industries look like lab rats. Separation focuses on Mark, newly appointed head of a department, whose employees have undergone an operation that separates work memories from personal ones. In this way, the working part of the individual lives in a continuous loop of slavery. When the day is over and they enter the elevator, they return to the starting point. Although the mysteries are reproduced in bulk in Separation what do they do in the company? what exactly does Mark’s department do? what ultimately prevails is the tragedy of the characters. What kind of person lends itself to such an intervention? What traumas can he drag?

Like so many other corporations in film history, Lumon Industries is the great villain of the show. Arbeit macht frei (work will set you free) is the phrase with which the Nazis gave the sarcastic welcome in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Mark and his companions lend themselves to being voluntarily alienated. By making such a decision, they are condemning their “T-band” versions to an infinite loop of exploitation. Their bosses, aware of the absolute power they hold, are so tyrannical and cruel that they even use torture as a correction. The memory of the rehabilitation shown in clockwork orange is very present.

Separation poses a dystopia that extrapolates elements of our reality. In its eagerness to generate more profits, the new capitalist company disguises its tactics to promote competitiveness as if it were a game. In this way, the workers become Pavlov’s dog waiting for a ridiculous reward. in the series friendsChandler’s friends did not know what the character played by matthew perry. On this occasion, not even the protagonists themselves understand the purpose of their effort. Hunting the numbers (Did someone say Desmond?) is a crap job like any other. One more link in the chain that makes the entry of strangers impregnable.

Reconciling personal life and work life is one of the greatest concerns of our generation. Our day to day is faster and faster and it is urgent to take shortcuts that make it easier to meet goals. Efficiency as a goal. both in Separation as in the real world, people run the risk of becoming real automatons. A Westworld made up of men and women of flesh and blood who swarm like headless chickens for the benefit of a few. Without periods for reflection, it is disheartening to see how the human being insists on detaching himself from his own humanity.

As we watch Mark and company in their tiny cubicles working on those retro-looking computers, our imaginations inevitably fly to the Dharma initiative. The Serie lost touched many clubs and one of them was experimentation by this scientific project in search of a social utopia. As if it were John Locke, the workers of Lumon cling to faith to give meaning to their mission. Not only that, but the company has an employee handbook that works like a Bible. Mantras and more mantras. There is only one truth: those who walk away will be punished. the spirit of Orwell hover in the environment. 1984 in the corporate microcosm. The unique thought unceremoniously crushes the creative capacity.

In the interpretive field, the not very popular adam scott (whom we will soon see on the tape about madam web what is he preparing S J Clarkson) plays Mark. A Mark whose life will be turned upside down when an old colleague of Lumon’s (Yul Vazquez) contact him, outside of work, and reveal that they are living a big lie. Despite the fact that Scott is the protagonist of the story, the secondary list is of the highest level. John Turturro (batman), playing Irving, is one of his roommates with Dylan (Zach Cherry) and rookie Helly (Britt Lower). The superior of this quartet is none other than Harmony Cobel, whom she brings to life Patricia Arquette (boyhood). Dichen Lachmanwhom we saw quite recently in Jurassic World: Dominionor the veteran Christopher Walken are other members of the solid cast.

Renewed for a second season, Separation It has been one of the best premieres of 2022. Dan Erickson and Ben Stiller have managed to create a series with the aroma of conspiracy that works as a mirror. What is the toll we pay for “belonging” to a company? Where is the freedom? Separation is a satire that could well play in the league of BlackMirror but it is dangerously real. Although it touches on different elements of science fiction, philosophy prevails as it already happened in devsanother recommendable series that you can see in Disney+ brought to fruition by alex garland (Annihilation). Mark, Irving, Helly… each one of them are two sides of the same coin and, inevitably, they will come into conflict with themselves. Every act has its consequence. Like Weyland-Yutani or the Tyrell Corporation, Lumon Industries has several tricks up its sleeve and likes to play dirty. In the last act of this first arc, several secrets will come to light and plot twists will be the order of the day. Separation It is a series whose viewing seems essential, even cathartic. Only Human Resources, coaches or various members of the management committee can see a dangerous message in it. The town sleeps. Maybe one day I’ll wake up.

“All people have the disposition to work creatively. What happens is that most never notice it. Truman Capote

Direction: Dan Erickson (Creator), Ben Stiller, Aoife McArdle. Screenplay: Mohammad el Masri, Dan Erickson, Andrew Colville. Music: Theodore Shapiro. Cinematography: Jessica Lee Gagné. Cast: Adam Scott, Patricia Arquette, John Turturro, Britt Lower, Zach Cherry, Christopher Walken, Tramell Tillman, Dichen Lachman, Jen Tullock, Marc Geller, Yul Vazquez, Mark Kenneth Smaltz, Nikki…

#ZNSeries – Separation Criticism. First season

#ZNSeries – Separation Criticism. First season


Sergio Fernandez Atienza

Address – 9

Dash – 9.5

Cast – 8.5

Visual section – 8.5

Soundtrack – 8


Divide and conquer. Like Lumon Industries, Apple TV + comes out victorious with one of the series of the year. With Ben Stiller behind the cameras and people like Adam Scott, John Turturro, Patricia Arquette or Christopher Walken in front of them, Separation is an intelligent puzzle that brings questions of dubious morality to the table.

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