WWE signs 14 talents who were part of the SummerSlam tryout

ESPN has confirmed through a publication on its official website, that WWE has hired 14 of the 50 talents that were present at the WWE tryout during the weekend of summer slam. Several personalities attended that show, highlighting the appearance of Triple H, who made an emotional speech about the new generations, emphasizing the model in which the new superstars have to work hard, but above all have fun.

Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan were seen at the tryout, while other stars and legends like Big E, Paul Heyman and Bianca Belair gave a speech to encourage young people to give everything to earn a position in the company. Even in this session, NBA player Dwight Howard was present.

Dave Meltzer, a journalist for Wrestling Observer, has confirmed some details that have been discussed in recent days regarding these sessions. To highlight the fact that no one stood out above the rest, since most had no previous experience, and that led to a large number of injuries. Furthermore, Meltzer has indicated that WWE will go back to the old model from now on, and try to recruit experienced talent from the independent scene..

“At the Nashville tryouts, where they said they had 50 athletes from 47 colleges, like most had never been in the ring, no one really stood out,” Meltzer commented in his latest weekly newsletter. “One person pointed out that no one stood out as a future superstar and that this may be the last test that uses only college athletes as they believe they will again want independent wrestlers with experience combined with recruiting athletes. There were some concussions and shoulder injuries and more injuries possibly than any other test due to inexperience in the ring.“.

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