With jets, celebrities produce tons of carbon dioxide

So far in 2022, 10 celebrities have issued thousands of tons of carbon dioxide from the excessive use of their private jets. The Celebrity Jets (@CelebJets) account has logged more than 1,500 flights this year, most of them by Taylor Swift, with 170 flights on her jet between her homes in London, Tennessee and California. She tops the list with 8 thousand 293 tons of CO2.

One of his flights was from Groton, Connecticut to Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States; the trip was made in two hours, generating eight tons of carbon dioxide.

Second is the boxer Floyd Mayweather at 7,076 tons of CO2, it even has the shortest flight time on the list, at 10 minutes.

Rapper Jay-Z occupies third place in this top ten, followed by baseball player A-Rod, followed by singer Blake Shelton. Sixth place, according to the study carried out by Yard, a British marketing company, goes to Steve Spielberg.

kim kardashian It ranks seventh with 57 flights in the year, one of them from Nice, France, to Naples, Italy, in 59 minutes, generating five tons of CO2 emissions.

Eighth place actor and producer Mark Wahlberg followed by the journalist Oprah Winfrey and in tenth place in the ranking is the rapper Travis Scott.

Scott flew from Van Nuys to Eugene, Oregon, in one hour and 45 minutes. Each has issued on average 3,300 tons of CO2 emissionswhen an average person is responsible for seven tons per year using commercial flights.

If the distances are extended, the carbon footprint is increasingly higher. On commercial flights, this footprint is divided among all users, but on these trips, celebrities prefer the comfort of their private jets to caring for the environment.

Top polluting celebrities

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. Floyd Mayweather
  3. Jay Z
  4. a rod
  5. Blake Shelton
  6. steven spielberg
  7. kim kardashian
  8. Mark Wahlberg
  9. Oprah Winfrey
  10. Travis Scott


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