Will Smith or moral confusion


The countless exegetes of the slap do not finish agreeing on the essential:Smith did wrong

Will Smith or the Confusion

That despite an obvious decline, Hollywood has not given up its cultural hegemony is shown by the repercussion of the notorious incident starring Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars. The slap with which the former punished the latter for a joke in bad taste about Smith’s wife has literally gone around the world and has deserved all kinds of trials moral, social and even ideological. It is not surprising, since Hollywood has long been the epicenter of this neopuri

identity tanism that aspires to reinterpret everything in the light of the increasingly demanding norms of the

political correctness

. Hence, in the midst of the tangle of intersectional victimizations that cloud the right ethical and even legal criteria, the countless exegetes of the slap do not finish agreeing on the essential:

Smith did wrong

. This is the first thing to recognize.

A more or less fortunate or hurtful mockery in a festive context can never be met with aggression. The ability to express and fit sarcasm has always been part of the best entertainment industry, even though in recent times the appetite for cancellation born of culture

woke up

is threatening that tradition of freedom. Our increasingly intolerant societies

the limits of humor should not be considered but those of susceptibility.

From that point of view, Smith betrayed his status as an international star, a privilege that carries unique responsibilities. This he realized too late, rehearsing a pathetic justification during his statuette collection speech.

Smith’s aggression has a single virtue: it cannot be reduced to categories of race, sex, or class. He was just a man losing his temper because another actor – a black man like himself – had upset his wife. Liberalism knows that, without freedom to offend, art ends up dying, replaced by orthodoxy. In this case we are not exactly facing a singular display of audacity and talent, since Rock’s comment was not even funny, but it is a matter of principle. Hopefully the commotion formed as a result of this tragicomic episode will serve to

reconcile us with the notion of individual morality and so that we move away from the trap of collectivism

, which applauds or excuses certain objectively reprehensible behaviors or acts based on the degree of structural victimhood that can be attributed to the identity of its author. On the freedom of expression, and the personal responsibility that it entails, has been founded not only civilization but also mere courtesy.

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