Why couldn’t Britney Spears get married in a Catholic church?

American pop music star Britney Spears has expressed her frustration after allegedly not being allowed to marry in a Catholic church. However, there are at least four important requirements for a Catholic wedding.

In an Instagram post that she later deleted, Britney Spears shared a photo of a Catholic wedding inside Santa Monica Catholic Churchnear Los Angeles (United States).

This is where I originally wanted to get married during COVID!!!! He wanted to go every Sunday,” he wrote, highlighting the beauty of the Catholic church.

“They said it was temporarily closed due to COVID!!!! Then 2 years later when I wanted to get married there they said I had to be Catholic and go through a TEST!!! Isn’t church supposed to be open to everyone???” she said.

A church representative later told entertainment website TMZ that They have no record of Britney Spears applying to get married there..

The pop star’s post appeared after she celebrated her wedding to actor Sam Asghari in June of this year.

In response to Britney Spears’ post, Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, who teaches theology at Belmont Abbey University in Belmont, North Carolina, stressed four main requirements for a marriage to take place in a Catholic church.

The bride or groom must be a Catholic person, and be free from any impediment to marriage, such as having married another person. In addition, both must “have the intention of what the Church does”, including the recognition of marriage as something permanent, exclusive and open to life.

They must also plan to raise their children as Catholics.

Fr. Schneider stressed that the Catholic Church welcomes everyone, even with these requirements.

“The Catholic Church is open to all, but for many, having a wedding in a Catholic church requires becoming Catholic and accepting the teaching of the Church,” the priest posted on Twitter.

“Many other religions would be similar: for example, I doubt a synagogue would host a wedding if neither spouse was Jewish.”

Speaking to ACI Prensa, Fr. Matthew P. Schneider was more specific about Britney Spears’ faith.

It is not clear from public information what is the canonical situation of Britney Spears”, he said, referring to the situation of the singer with respect to the Catholic Church.

“She was baptized as a Baptist; Then, in 2021, she said that she was Catholic, but now she says that she cannot get married in a Catholic church because she is not Catholic, ”said the priest.

In 2021, Britney Spears announced in an Instagram post, which she later deleted, that she is Catholic and attends Mass. The singer has repeatedly posted prayers, including the Hail Mary, on social media.

In his Instagram biography he reminds everyone to “Pray Every Day”.

Although Britney Spears was raised Baptist, many of her family members are practicing Catholics, including her mother, Lynne Spears, her sister, Jamie Lynn, and her nieces, Maddie Aldridge and Ivey Joan Watson.

Fr. Schneider wonders: “Is she a catechumen, formally received into the Catholic Church, or is she still a Baptist with some interest in Catholicism?”

The priest also referred to the two previous marriages of Britney Spears, indicating that “to get married in a Catholic church, you should get an annulment.”

Translated and adapted by David Ramos. Originally posted on CNA.

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