When Meryl Streep was considered too ugly for a role

He trained doing theater and made his film debut in 1977, starring in Julia. Meryl Streep is the actress with the most Oscar nominations (21 in total). Despite her unquestionable talent, that tall, elegant woman with marked cheekbones, capable of making us believe whatever she wants, she suffered a snub that Hollywood recorded in the annals of embarrassment and she will never forget.

When she was 27 years old, Meryl Streep was rejected in her first interview for the lead role of King Kong. That morning she went up to one of the top floors of the Gulf & Western building, where the film’s producer, Dino De Laurentiis, had a huge office with a view of all of Manhattan. He was sitting behind his desk, accompanied by his son, who seemed proud to have “discovered” a new actress. But the producer said to him in Italian: “Why are you bringing me this ugly thing?”

Meryl replied, “I fully understand what you are saying, and I am very sorry that I am not beautiful enough to appear in King Kong.” She left, slamming the door that, over the years, would turn into laughter.

Two years later he would receive his first Oscar nomination for his role in the film The Hunter.

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