What happened to Lukas Haas, the boy in the movie?

It was one of the highest grossing and critically acclaimed films of 1985. Of the eight Oscar nominations she received, sole witness He managed to win two statuettes, the one for best original screenplay and the one for best editing. Starring Harrison Ford, its success did not catch anyone by surprise. At that time, the actor had already achieved the star status that he still holds. His agent selected the best roles in the industry and they shouted the name of Han Solo or Indiana Jones on the street. He was the perfect man to play John Book, the inspector assigned to a complicated murder case. During the movie, the detective will not only uncover the motive for the crime – the sewers of police corruption in the city of Philadelphia – but will also be in charge of protecting the only witness to the eventlittle Samuel, and his mother, Rachel Lapp, with whom he will maintain an unexpected as well as dangerous romance.

Lukas Haas, a ‘child prodigy’ with great concerns

Ford wasted on-screen chemistry with a Kelly McGillis a year after his final passport to fame. In 1986, the actress would star in the remembered top gun alongside Tom Cruise. The cast also highlights the work of an almost debutant Viggo Mortesen, eventually one of the most sought-after actors of his generation. Nevertheless, it was little Lukas Haas who stole the limelight from all his teammates. His portrayal of an Amish boy who becomes the sole witness to a crime thrilled viewers and forever marked the career of this young actor.

Lukas Haas with Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis in ‘Witness’ (1985) GTRES

Haas was only 9 years old when the film premiered. Despite his youth he was not a debutante, I’ve been making movies since I was 2 years oldwhen his first film was released Testament. With a writer mother and an artist father of German origin, it is not surprising that interpretation ran through her veins from a very young age. sole witness It was his most famous work, although he once again stood out notably with the telefilm The Ryan White Story. For his portrayal of a teenager infected with HIV after a blood transfusion, the actor received an Emmy Award nomination..

When they are close to the 40th anniversary of the film that launched him to fame, his passion for cinema remains intact. After the popularity achieved by the hand of this role, The actor agreed to recycle himself as a secondary actor, collaborating in this way with some of the most prominent directors in the industry.. That was how Haas slipped in with small roles in tapes as important as Mars Attacks! by Tim Burton or They all say I love you by Woody Allen, both released in 1996. In the early 2000s, the actor would do the same with an appearance in the highly celebrated Zoolander by Ben Stiller.

After collaborating with some of Hollywood’s best-known faces, Lukas Haas began to cultivate his career as a musician and composer, another of his great concerns. He collaborated as a pianist and bass player with the band The Rogues and came to participate in a My Chemical Romance group project. It was in the video clip of the song of the song ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’, where he played The Patient, the character he was about the album in question. After this collaboration in 2009, We have been able to follow his facet as a musician through his profile on different social networks.

Lukas Haas, always in the shadow Leonardo DiCaprio

Although his popularity as an actor is far from what he achieved with sole witness, Haas has continued in the media limelight thanks to his select group of friends. Photographers continue to be a constant in their daily lives, due in part to his great friendship with one of the most famous celebrities in the world, actor Leonardo DiCaprio. They met as children, attending castings in which Leo always got the best roles. The actors Tobey Maguire, Kevin Connolly or the illusionist David Blaine also passed through those massive tests. DiCaprio’s dazzling success never created competition between them and they forged an unbreakable friendship. that has survived decades in a place – Hollywood and the movie industry – so little given to this kind of union.

Lukas Haas with his friend Leonardo DiCaprio GTRES

At the end of the last century, a self-proclaimed DiCaprio ‘king of the world’ after the overwhelming success of titanica -for years the highest-grossing film in history- made headlines for its late-night revelries. Together with him, the aforementioned gang that for years was the terror of the New York night. Known by a rude nickname that now -in times of the ‘Me too’ movement- everyone renounces, artists like Susan Sarandon or Mariah Carey, and even tycoons like former President Donald Trump, queued to greet them in the best reserved. There, always in DiCaprio’s shadow, was Lukas Haas. Many are unaware that, behind one of the faces that always accompanies the actor, is the remembered Amish boy who starred in this classic of the police genre. This is possible thanks to the loyalty of a group of friends who kept their promise to help each other no matter what.

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