Veronica Castro and Johnny Depp

Verónica Castro proves to be a faithful fan of Johnny Depp and even, did they take a photo together? The truth about the photograph that the actress shared on social networks of her with Amber Heard’s ex-husband

Veronica Castro and Johnny Depp

Through his Twitter account, Veronica Castro shared a photo in which you can see the actress with nothing more and nothing less than Johnny Depp. The social network immediately went crazy when seeing the image of both actors together.

The 69-year-old actress described the actor as a prince charming and praised him for “helping” her, even in photography. Johnny and Veronica would even be holding each other.

Initially, users were very surprised, however, others almost fell for the joke of the actress and exposed that it was Photoshop.

“Oh, Verito, close even if it’s Photoshop”reads one of the comments.

Veronica Castro and Johnny Depp Photoshop

Yes, indeed it is a (very large) edition because if you look at the actress’s profile, you will be able to find the real photo. Her followers received the image of Veronica Castro and they even laughed in the comments because it seems very real, and it is not the first time that Cristian Castro’s mother has resorted to altering photographs, since she has played with filters and users have criticized her excessively… Of course, the Mexican actress is not interested in bad comments.

Johnny Depp, father of Cristian Castro

After the recent change of look of Cristian CastroVerónica Castro joked about who the singer’s real father would be. With a couple of photos of celebrities, the actress shared that Johnny Depp would be the one and the father figure for his son.

“I found Cristian’s father, I hope you agree with me”he wrote on his social networks.

Could it be that these photographs could reach the eyes of Johnny Depp?

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