Tom Parker, the manager who exhausted Elvis Presley

yesand title Elvis, but the new biopic about the King of rock rather, he has resurrected his controversial manager, one of the great villains in music history. Colonel Tom Parker went down in posterity as the guy who turned Presley into a superstar, but also as the man who controlled and squeezed the myth until his early death at the age of 42.

Elvis himself came to admit: “I never would have gotten this far with another manager.” Merits on which James L. Dickerson disagrees, biographer –but not a fan– of Parker on whose biography the recently released film was based, in which Tom Hanks gets into the skin of this famous colonel who, in reality, never arrived so far in the military and whose nickname was the idea of ​​Jimmie Davis, musician country whom Parker helped become governor of Louisiana.

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