Tom Hanks: Tom Hanks sneaks into photos of a wedding and ends up being the master of ceremonies of another | Present

Tom Hanks He is one of the most beloved actors in the world of entertainment, his uniqueness and simplicity that characterize him has allowed him to steal the hearts of his fans, and this time he decided to sneak into the photos of a bride while doing a wedding session with her ladies of honor in downtown Pittsburgh.

Everything seemed normal while the bride, Grace Gwaltney She was outside a hotel with her ladies when suddenly, the actor himself approached her and whispered: “Hello! I’m Tom Hanks. I’d like to take a picture with you”.

“When it first happened, we got confused and it didn’t work for a second. Most of us just stared in silence for a second. Then we all just burst into screams.”said the photographer, Rachel Rowland.

The actor was walking through the entrance of the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh when he saw the bride and her bridesmaids get out of the limo: “He whispered in my ear and I just thought of ‘Toy Story’. I froze and could only look around. I didn’t know what to do.”the bride admitted, stunned

The moment was captured in different images that were shared by the photographer, who assured that the actor helped everyone to appear in the photos: “You always have all these plans and ideas for when you meet a celebrity and then when you do. He was just what was expected of him: cheerful, funny, loud and friendly”Rowland added.

This is not the first time that the actor sneaks into the photos of a wedding. On September 24, 2016, Hanks shared a photo on Twitter that he had taken with a couple at a wedding in Central Park, which he snuck into. Also, in 2021, he posed with two brides on his wedding day in Santa Monica.

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He also acts as master of ceremonies

But not only does he like to sneak into the photos of boyfriends, but he also likes to be part of the links, because he also Minister was appointed and can officiate marriageswhich he did the same week that surprised Gwaltney and her friends.

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The couple made up of Krisna and Tyson sent him a letter knowing that he would be in the area where they asked him to go marry them at his own house, and he introduced himself: “He’s an incredible guy. And the tranquility he gives off, he seems like a best friend to those you’ve known all your life”commented the boyfriend.

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