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Tom Cruise is one of the most established actors in Hollywood: his career and fame leave no room for doubt.

Along the way to his rise to fame, he has made several friends, some of them Latino. We tell you who they are.

Salma Hayek and Tom Cruise are friends

On July 17, the Mexican shared on her Instagram account a series of photos and videos evidencing what happens when the “Mission: Impossible” actor goes out to dinner: dozens of fans approach him to take a photo with him and Members of his security team surround him.

In the publication, he cataloged the Hollywood heartthrob as his “friend”, although he did not comment on how their bond arose or since when they have been close.

Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz were boyfriends

Although it is not known how the friendship between the actor and Salma Hayek began, there is another actress who unites them: Penelope Cruz.

The Spanish woman met the actor from ‘Top Gun’ in 2001, when they worked on the recording of the film ‘Vanilla Sky’, although they began their romance once production was finished.

Their relationship ended in 2004, as both explained, on good terms.

In August 2006, the actress assured in an interview with the newspaper ‘The Guardian’ that they were still friends:

“Tom is a very good man and I am close to his entire family, his children (…), his mother, his entire family, he is a great man.”

Jennifer Lopez is close to Tom Cruise

The ‘Bronx Diva’ has not explained how her relationship with the actor arose, but People magazine, for example, assured that the singer was invited to her wedding with Katie Holmes.

The note published on October 31, 2015, however, quotes actress Leah Remini explaining that, in reality, the invitation came from the Church of Scientology and not from the couple.

Still, it is known that JLo and Tom Cruise have kept in touch, since in 2010 they shared the stage of the MTV Movie Awards. In a routine with a comedic tone, he dressed up as her character Les Grossman of hers and she challenged him to follow her step in a choreography.

About their joint presentation, Jennifer Lopez assured Extra a few days later:

“Working with Tom was great. I’m a hard worker and I’m very intense when it comes to my job, so it’s great to work with someone who is just as intense and passionate and crazy about doing everything right.”

Eva Longoria lived in Tom Cruise’s house

Celebrity hookups don’t always happen on the job. The ‘Desperate Housewives’ star, for example, bought a mansion in February 2016 that had previously belonged to Tom Cruise.

In this regard, he commented to US Weekly magazine in an interview signed on February 18, 2016 that:

“I know Tom, he is a lovely person. He did a really, really good job on this house because it was stunning and beautiful, and the minute we walked in I was like, ‘This, this is a home.’”

Emilio Estévez and Tom Cruise have known each other since they were young

Although few remember it, both actors began their careers in the 1980s and shared credits in the film ‘The Outsiders’ (in 1983).

Although neither of the two has given details about their friendship, it became clear in 1996, when the son of Martin Sheen (of Spanish descent) made a special participation in ‘Mission: Impossible’.

Also, in 2005, Emilio Estévez was caught by paparazzi arriving at Tom Cruise’s birthday party.

In an exclusive interview published on March 25, 2021 in Vanity Fair, the ‘Mighty Ducks’ actor commented that he was “one hundred percent in agreement” with the demanding protocol against COVID-19 that Tom Cruise imposed on the filming of the latest installment of ‘Mission: Impossible’.

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