Tom Cruise interrupts a couple’s outing to jump

Tom Cruise credit: Bang Showbiz

Tom Cruise credit: Bang Showbiz

Can you imagine meeting a movie star from the middle of nowhere when you least expect it? That was just what happened to a British couple a few days ago while walking through the Lake District with their dog. Suddenly, a helicopter appeared above them from which Tom Cruise himself descended, who greeted them as if the situation were the most normal thing in the world and apologized for having interrupted the tranquility of the natural environment.

The actor’s life seems like a nonstop action movie where landing a plane in central London is the most normal thing in the world, so it’s not too surprising that he was there to parachute off a cliff. That was just what he did to the surprise of the two hikers, who only had time to take out their cell phones to record what was happening and ask him if he was sure it was a good idea.

Tom Cruise behaved at all times as would be expected of Tom Cruise. Without losing his temper, he replied that he liked his dog a lot and jumped into the void with the phrase: “See you later.” Nobody can deny that the interpreter knows how to make a memorable exit.

It is believed that the famous actor was filming or at least practicing a sequence for the next installment of ‘Mission: Impossible’, the franchise that has become his particular playground to unleash his most reckless streak.

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