Tom Cruise: his favorite perfume is perfect for summer

This will give you the specific notes to smell really expensive and full of elegance. Not everyone wears this perfume full of versatility, freshness and long-lasting. A very special point in the universe of fragrances and that, if you are a fan of good aromas, you will know that it is everything; it’s not easy to find a fragrance with an excellent fixative today.

What does it smell like

The notes of Eau d’Hadrien they are citrus In addition to displaying voluptuous and captivating notes of lemon, this fragrance shows an energetic character with the help of grapefruit, while at the same time raising an air of strength and calm that could only be achieved through cypress in its formula. An ode to the Tuscan landscapes that inspire him, as well as to the enigmatic figure of Emperor Hadrian —from whom he also takes his name— and the novel that the Belgian writer Marguerite Yourcenar wrote about his fantastic life.

This is an epic perfume for men (and women) that encapsulates energy, adventure, sensuality, power, restraint and a lot of mettle. A fragrance that combines a citrus DNA with a mysterious touch of wood, which makes it deep and vigorous compared to the rest of the summer fragrances that we are used to.

Tom Cruise, a man who smells perfect.

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What makes it perfect for you?

Its versatility and seduction. Not because we are facing a citrus fragrance It means that we can only use it in spring or in hot weather. Summer is also a great option for a perfume like this one, which coexists perfectly with the humidity and winds of the season.

Likewise, its fruity and woody mixture gives you the opportunity to use it on any given day full of work, but also during a weekend with friends, family or your partner. Also, this mix makes it an alternative with character for the day, but also a light and spontaneous option at night.

It practically has it all. Now the question is: are you ready to smell just like Tom?

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