throws pieces of pizza to the fans [VIDEO]

The American singer-songwriter ended up at the center of the controversy: during an evening in a Las Vegas club she threw pizza to those present

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudsonbetter known as Katy Parryis located in the center of a real storm media. She is now a leading figure of pop in recent years: he made his debut in the world of music in 2001 with an album that bears his name, but success came later with the singles’I kissed a girl‘ And ‘Hot n cold‘ in the 2008taken from the album ‘One of the Boys‘, which became the thirty-third best-selling of that year.

Katy Perry (Ansa)

The artist, from the performance to the look, is unlikely to go unnoticed in the eyes of the fans and other people involved with them. This time she ended up in the crosshairs of some haters for a videowhich immediately went viral, in which it is seen Katy committed to launching slices of the square to the public: a story that, as often happens, has divided the people of the web.

The singer was a guest in a club of Las Vegas when he started throw slices of pizza to those present, who danced in front of the DJ booth. As happens every time a video takes over on social networks, there was no lack of criticism: if a good part of the people smiled for the ‘goliardic’ gesture, just as many did not like the attitude of the singer.

The passion for food of Katy Parry is now known, just remember when in the 2014 showed up at a party wearing a pizza-suit or when al Met Gala 2019 chose a dressed in the shape of a hamburger to parade on the red carpet (not surprisingly Just Eat UK he chose her as celebrity endorsement), but this time the gesture did not only arouse hilarity. On Twitter in fact, many polemical and / or disapproving messages read as follows: “Why would anyone want to catch a floppy piece of pizza dripping with cheese?“, or “Throw pizzas like my grandmother threw corn at her chickens” it’s still “Why would anyone want to be slapped by a piece of pizza?” and finally “In such a historical moment, throwing food is a truly disrespectful gesture“.

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