They give away painting of Jesus and it turned out to be Keanu Reeves



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They give him a painting of Jesus Christ; it was actually Keanu Reeves

An original joke was spread through TikTok where a son gave his mother a painting of Jesus Christ

A man gave him a paint of Jesus Christ to his mother, but in reality It was about Keanu Reeves. The video of the joke was spread on TikTok, where it has become popular.

“It’s Jesus mom and he loves the dogs,” says the son as he gives her the paint to his mother, who questions about the character that is portrayed on canvas. The image shows the face of Keanu Reeves holding a puppy in her arms.

  • Although the son insists that the mother accept the painting as a gift she refuses and even asks if it is the one she had bought.
@yulatte_ag No, gfa 🙁 #parati #pyf? #johnwick ? original sound – JULIÁN AG

Users comment on the paint of Keanu Reeves

Users have found it funny the mere fact that in the paint is observed at actor portrayed as a saint, which protects the puppies. The picture of Keanu Reeves was taken from an internet fan art.

The paint where they replaced Jesus Christ with the Canadian actor represents his character of Jhon Wick, who is considered the “loin protector”. In the film, after the murder of his dog, Daisy, he begins a chase until he finds the culprits.

In the comments, users have commented on the paint of “saint john wick” and have made various comments about the paint that they have considered as part of their religion.

“During the day he imparts the word of God and at night he sends them to him”, “saint John wick protection of weapons”, “The best man on the planet”, “No ma I do want it, it’s cool John Wick “, “No one knows how to appreciate Saint John wick”, read in comments.

Keanu Reeves the most respected actor on the internet

It is surprising that the matrix performer be so loved on the internet, because his good image and humility have traveled around the world.

Actions as the tender gesture he had towards a grandmother They have gone viral and have led him to earn the category of one of the most humble actors in Hollywood.

Keanu Reeves in paint is it more tender that has been seen through TikTok.

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