These were the dangerous physical changes of actor Christian Bale

The name of Christian Bale in the world of cinema has not only left a great mark in his country of origin, the United Kingdom, but throughout the world, because despite having multiple characters that have earned him two Golden Globes, two SAG awards and an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for The Fighter, the world remembers him for having been one of the best interpreters of Batman, considered that way by critics and fans. However, the hard work that he prints on his characters to “inhabit” his skin sometimes reaches the extreme by losing and gaining so much weight that he has even been close to risking his own life.

He is considered one of the most important “method” style actors of his generation, due to his intensity and the radical transformations of his body in various roles, in 10 of them he made these drastic changes in weight, something that was harshly criticized by nutritionists around the world. The “method” consists of a set of techniques and essays that seek to encourage sincere and emotionally expressive theatrical performances, formulated by different theater professionals, something that may sound simple but is much more complex than the theory may suggest. .

These techniques are based on the Stanislavski system, developed by Russian actor and director Konstantin Stanislavski and written down in his books An Actor Prepares (1936), Character Construction (1948), and Creating a Role (1957). Which allows us to talk about the importance that the “method” has in the personal and professional life of Christian Bale because over the years he has lost and gained approximately 275 kilos (by adding the losses and gains of kilos of 10 films) , competing with Matthew McConaughey for the position of the actor with the most drastic and questionable changes in the Hollywood industry.

Thus a star was born

Born on January 30, 1974 in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, his interest in the world of the arts in any of its branches was reflected since he was just a child, because at a very young age he trained in ballet, a physical activity that beyond Allowing him to be in great physical condition also helped him have a greater emotional capacity to bring a character to life, which is why he landed his first acting role at age eight in a commercial for fabric softener.

“American Psycho”: the first physical challenge in his professional career

By the year 2000, Christian Bale had already shot 14 films, among which stand out Portrait of a Lady, Pocahontas Y Summer night Dreamhowever star American Psycho it became the first great challenge in addition to professional, physical, because his character is a clear example of the “New York yuppie and his life does not seem to excite him too much until he discovers his taste for blood. So, everything changes: Patrick he becomes a serial killer and no one suspects him due to his social status”, is described in the official synopsis of the film.

him”it cost his life”, said the actor in an interview with Guardianwhere he also assured that he was fascinated by the world of diets and gyms. To be in optimal physical condition, Bale cut carbohydrates from his diet and focused on protein. He also worked hard on his upper body and ended up with chiseled arms and abs. A result that was fully reflected on the big screen and that was possibly his first great impression of what he could achieve in a character by submitting himself completely to a rigorous routine where his mental strength could be greater than anything else.

27 kilos less with “El Maquinista”

In 2004, The Machinist was released, which focuses on the story of Trevor Reznik, a mechanic who works as a factory worker. Although it was well received by critics, as 76% of 138 critical reviews were positive, the surprise was not precisely due to its drama or the rest of the performances of actors such as Jennifer Jason Leigh -Stevie-, John Sharian -Ivan – Aitana Sánchez-Gijón -María- or Michael Ironside -Miller-, but because of the 27 kilos that the actor lost to interpret his character.

From being an extremely thin man to establishing himself as The Batman

Not even a year passed when another great physical change occurred: from staying at 54 kg to 180 centimeters, he took the test to become the new masked hero and king of Gotham City, which required him to gain 45 kg of pure muscle in six months, yes, only in half a year.

Batman Begins -titled Batman initiates in Latin America- was the beginning of his participation in one of the most beloved but controversial batman trilogies: “I had a lot of work to do because Batman is one of those roles for which you have to be in good shape . When I got to England, Chris Nolan looked at me in shock: ‘God, you’re like some kind of brown bear!’ However, I was not in good physical shape,” he expressed in an interview with Femme Fatales in 2006.

It is very important to point out that the Nolan saga was made up of three films, so every couple of years Bale had to gain muscle again and, once filming was finished, lose it for his next filming, submitting at least for this same character. on three occasions to drastic physical changes that in the long term were not very beneficial to his health.

Although in an interview for People he pointed out that the final amount of weight gained and lost was 275 kilos (adding 10 films), he did not detail absolutely all the movements, although it is in the public domain that for The Fighter he lost 13, in The Great American Scam he won 20, his performance in The vice of power cost him 18 extras and finally in Le Mans ’66 and he was forced to lose 31, possibly his last great move, as he reflected that he will pay more attention to his health, which could generate various diseases.

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