These are the exercises you can do to train like Thor!

Thor is back, and Chris Hemsworth He once again amazed the world with his incredible marked chest. How did the star of Thor: Love and Thunder (Amor y Thunder in Spanish) achieve such defined and toned frontal muscles? Through a series of training super intense and rigorous that, however, are possible to replicate, as long as you have an impeccable previous physical preparation.

The actor underwent an incredible physical transformation to play the Marvel hero again in “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

What is Chris “Thor” Hemsworth’s training routine like?

the actor of Thor make a circuit of four training to define the chest that lasts between 10 and 15 minutes, including a lot of core and abdominal work. The “God of Thunder” routine can be seen through his own muscle-building app Centr Power ( that the star actor of Marvel Studios productions developed together with expert trainers. and consists of few trainingbut very intense.

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