the way to prevent diseases

The benefits of the genetic approach and the digitization of services

In this sense, Grupo Proa strives to increase the usefulness of diagnosis for preventive rather than curative purposes.

“We are partnering with several laboratories that develop genomics, to provide patients with additional information regarding how likely it is that they may have certain pathologies. This allows them to make changes in their lifestyle or make decisions that should go hand in hand with a genetic counselor”, Mosqueira specified.

Laboratorio Médico del Chopo has more than 410 branches in 26 states in Mexico, offering more than 2,300 clinical studies. It is the largest network of diagnostic laboratories in the country.

And the short-term objective, according to Mosqueira, is to reach coverage in all the states of the country, in order to benefit the health of Mexicans regardless of the geographical area where they are. This accompanied by continuing to strengthen the digital tools that allow offering services remotely, without the need to physically go to the branches.

“I am excited about the future of health, because I think it will be accessible to many more people, in addition to the fact that thanks to digitalization, more punctual services and better results can be offered, which is a vital action for a country like Mexico. ”, Mosqueira concluded.

In this way, Castilleja, Ramírez and Mosqueira agreed that the future of medicine is based not only on the knowledge of doctors, but also on complementary technologies that facilitate their work with a preventive approach, that is, from before diseases to be treated manifest.

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