The video that shows his amazing Mexican accent

Since the start of trial with Johnny Deppand even after some time has passed since its conclusion, Amber Heard it has only been news for the consequences that the sentence has brought On a personal and professional level, the future of his career is in question due to his reputation and the economic problems that an unfavorable sentence of this type brings him. But not for that we must forget some curiosities that the actress of ‘Aquaman’ hides, and that continue to surprise to the public.

One of them is the ease that Heard has when it comes to getting out of your mother tongue, at least to speak Spanish. And it is that every time he has done promotions or has attended events on Spanish-speaking soil, he has had the opportunity to demonstrate how well it performs in the language of Cervantes.

In this interview that his fans have rescued, he went to the Primer Impacto program, from the Mexican network Univisión to promote his premiere of ‘Aquaman’back in 2018, and long before the controversy over his presence in the sequel.

In it, in addition to talking about the DC movie, surprises the interviewer with his very good pronunciation in Spanish and with a Mexican accent, which she herself praises, as you can see in this video. Which raised a lot of questions about how Amber would have learned to dominate so well a language that is not one’s own.

In the interview he says that being born in Austin, Texasmade me very in touch with the Latino community there. However, it is strange that he has that particular Mexican accent, and there are those who attribute it to courtship he had with soap opera actor Valentino Lanús.

It may also be due to the influence of her sister Whitneywho uses the last name of Henriquez for the one who is already her husband, Gavin Henriquez, of Latin descentand that could bring that touch in the family environment of Amber.

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