The Undertaker speaks out about Triple H’s new creative position

WWE has undergone numerous changes in recent months, and now, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan, with Triple H as Chief Creative Officer and Vice President of Talent Relations, lead the company which Vince McMahon was in charge of for decades.

In a statement after Vince’s resignation, The Undertaker stated that Stephanie McMahon’s arrival at the company’s management would be positive, and now, the Hall of Fame member has also been able to give his opinion and has dared to predict how will the product change WWE with Triple H in command. These were his words for ESPN:

“They’re loosening the reins a little bit on what kids can say and do. I think the product probably going to be a little more aggressive. I think that will be noticeable on a creative level. They’ve been more or less in this ‘entertainment’ mode, so now they’re going to gain some guts and evil“.

Regarding gaining aggressiveness, Undertaker himself made similar comments several weeks ago about the possible move to WWE TV-14. According to him, this would be very good:

“I think that’s going to take a lot of people out of handcuffs and let them be themselves. I’m excited. I think it’s going to be totally positive“.

On top of that, in the same interview with ESPN, Undertaker praised Triple Hand highlighted the influence it will have on the development of talent:

“I mean, he’s brilliant. He really is. I don’t think he gets enough recognition for his wrestling acumen. I think he’s going to be a great asset for development from a bunch of guys.”

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