‘The trials’: Modern as pigs

Being modern requires putting a lot on your part. That is why it is recommended being young before being modern. The energy of youth plays in favor of novelties, because there is an own enthusiasm that makes them valid and pertinent. Movies and series that are out of the norm need the ignorance or forgotten by the public. Ignorance or forgetting that films that are out of the norm have always existed.

look Pigfor example, the movie where Nicolas Cage searches for his stolen labor tool: a pig that finds truffles in the forest. The approach is modern because nobody in the city has seen a pig, and then seeing a pig starring in a movie is the coolest thing you can imagine. Above the film is titled Sow. The movie it’s no use.

Literally. As the story progresses, Michael Sarnoskidirector and screenwriter, takes care of emptying it of meaning, the plot premises were false (I say it like that not to make them spoilers), Nicolas Cage goes from avenger to cook, from sullen to lover, from fighter to crybaby Does not matter. The pig or sow acts very badly. I wouldn’t give him oscar. Maybe you have to give it to put the oscars in its right place. Best Leading Actor: The Pig.

Then we have, between trendy of the day, The essays. I still think I’m young (it’s a lie) and I thought I would applaud the proposal. A guy lends himself to helping others achieve certain minor goals in his life. For now, there are three episodes. In the first, we have this fifty-year-old man who wants to confess to his friends that has not done the doctorate, as he told them, and he doesn’t know how. The type (Nathan Fielder) makes all of HBO’s money available to him to rehearse the confession. An identical scenario to the scenario where the shameful revelation will take place is created, a double is hired to play the rough friend who will have to accept the truth, it is rehearsedindeed.

It sounds sophisticated and fascinating, but watching it is like attending one of those TV shows. innocent, innocent. Actually, it’s like a humiliation with readings, television homeopathy, moral garbage. Fielder sells to people who can control life, and then life was as easy as going first blood, directly and without bullshit. The essays is quackery in streaming. A woman does not know if she will have a child or not and The essays provides you with growing babies so that he spends 16 months testing if he likes to take care of one. Man, I don’t know.

just see How to… with John Wilson (HBO) to find the difference between being cool and being gimmicky, between the pure and the wretched. John Wilson he treats the real people he captures in his series with infinite mercy, and does not judge them. Nathan Fielder seems to step on the dignity of everyone he portrays.

i saw myself too the unseen agent (Netflix), the $200 million movie. They are very well worn. I have read critics everywhere saying that it is the usual, that little thing, that the explosions are poorly done. Silly: it’s a great movie. Because it’s business as usual. In Command (1985, Mark L. Lester), arnold schwarzenegger killed eight thousand people to rescue his kidnapped daughter, and that was the movie. In the unseen agent, Ryan Gosling he kills eight thousand people to rescue another girl, who is not even his daughter, and that is the film. It seems to me progress that killing people for a child is not alone justified only if he is your son.

They destroy Prague. It is, I swear, what has fascinated me about the unseen agenthow they digitally pass over Prague and they destroy it. It has given me great pleasure to see Prague demolished, shot at, or Kafka nothing, just gunshots and dismembered trams. the unseen agent Not only is it entertaining, but it also makes you want to be stubbornto believe in yourself, to hit the same key until happiness comes out.

Because there is, in this film, something very pure moral, precisely because it is not about almost anything, but about something, unlike things modern and matted. Ryan Gosling only has one goal in the entire movie, and it’s like the techno, which is boring at first, but in the end the pounding rhythm convinces you. 40 million dollars were spent on razing Prague. It is something that we can only thank you for.

And finally, and as happens to all of us having HBO, Netflix and two or three other platforms, I found myself not knowing what to watch one afternoon, and what did I do? Look at the recommendations of the newspapers? Ask a friend? Flip a coin? No, dear readers, no. what i did was bet on black and white.

That’s how I got to criminal impulse (Compulsion1959, by Richard Fleischter), one of those non-canonical classics (come on, no one has ever recommended it among the best films of the 20th century) that make your day (like Unconscient, 1951, from Bretagne Windust). It is honest cinema. Two youngsters want to do evil because “they feel like it”. forty years before Funny Games, there were already post-adolescent psychopaths. Comes out Orson Welles. To say that criminal impulse is more modern than Funny Games Haneke would be frivolous. But say that Funny Games doesn’t look so modern if you’ve seen criminal impulse would, in fact, be exact.

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