The Rock, urged not to accept a gay role for his career

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been one of Hollywood’s most prolific leading men for so long, playing similar variations of the action hero type. dependable and know-it-all in Red Notice, Jungle Cruise, Hobbs in Fast & Furious, and his DC superhero debut in Black Adam (out October 21), it’s hard to remember the days when he was something of an outsider in the film industry, breaking into acting with small roles after a stellar wrestling career in WWE. Because in addition, among other things, he is now the highest paid Hollywood actor in the world.

    While those early roles may have been a bit shaky (that Scorpion King CGI in The Mummy Returns is still nightmare-inducing today), Johnson was still hungry enough as a newcomer to to accept the odd job that we probably won’t see from him again -a few days ago he explained that his philosophy of life and his approach to training was basically to give the maximum-, including in Be Cool, the 2005 comedy sequel to Get Shorty based on the novel by Elmore Leonard.

    Johnson’s character in that film was Eliot, an openly gay Samoan who worked as a bodyguard in the music industry and dreamed of being a star. Although much of the humor surrounding Eliot has to do with the kind of gay jokes from the mid-2000s that would have no place now, Johnson does not interpret it as a joke, but fully commits with the character. (His portrayal of her was, in fact, one of the few elements in the film that was not attacked by critics at the time.)

    However, Johnson has just revealed that in those early moments of his acting career, some “influential” people in the industry advised him to avoid playing a gay man, as it could “ruin” his chances to get bigger roles in the movies. She shared the story after her Be Cool press tour Out cover story resurfaced online. In typical Johnson fashion, she recalled that he “nicely” told those people in the industry to “go to hell”.

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