The premiere of the summer: total adrenaline with Brad Pitt, a hit man in the doldrums in ‘Bullet Train’

The director of ‘Deadpool 2’ goes up to pitt aboard a Japanese bullet train to retrieve a briefcase. Sandra Bullock and the rapper bad bunny accompany him on this frantic journey. The film hits the Spanish billboard this Friday, August 5.

New crossroads between Brad Pitt and the director of Bullet Train, David Leitch. The Hollywood superstar has placed himself under the orders of the man who years ago worked as his stunt double in Fight club (1999). Leitch has also acted as a double for Jean Claude Van Damme, which makes him a true master of the action genre in its purest form.

Guaranteed adrenaline in this film adaptation of Kotaro Isaka’s novel of the same name (and best seller). Pitt gets into the skin of a hitman, Ladybug, who lives the existential crisis of the 50s and who is entrusted with a mission. The down-on-his-luck hired thug boards a bullet train, leaving Tokyo for Morioka. During the journey he must recover a valuable briefcase, which is abandoned in a wagon. On board that high-speed train are four other hitmen, as violent or more than Ladybug. A fast-paced journey that becomes the scene of crazy and bloodthirsty chaos with intersecting missions.

Bad Bunny hitman

Pitt is accompanied in this film by Puerto Rican rapper, singer, songwriter and actor Bad Bunny, as well as a cast made up of Sandra Bullock, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry (top photo) and Andrew Koj. Bunny plays a Mexican thug with a thirst for revenge.

That Pitt is the image of the tape makes the box offices burst. “When he is in a project, many people raise their hands (…) he is a good actor who brings ideas and, as a director, you have to accept them,” Leitch explains to Efe. The film, which flees from the dichotomy between good and evil, finds connections with the eccentricities of Quentin Tarantino and also with John Woo (Face to face) and even with Jackie Chan.

‘Babylon’, in the oven

the protagonist of Money Ball, Inglourious Basterds, The Tree of Life, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button or most recent The lost city does not stop. Prepare for the premiere Babylonbeside Olivia Wilde Y margot robbie. Also, he has joined his friend George Clooney in his next film work, in the pre-production phase.


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