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The NFL preseason will kick off this Thursday with the Oakland Raiders vs. Jacksonville Jaguars matchup, but this won’t be the only game you can watch on Star Plus. Go get your snacks because we will tell you what matches you can expect.

The NFL fields will open their doors with the first preseason game since Canton, Ohio, where the league’s Hall of Fame is also located. We understand that the catalog of StarPlus offers titles like Only Murders in the Building, The Simpson either the valet, perfect for marathoning, but it’s also time to talk about football.

It took 172 days for a new season to reach our hands, although you can well satisfy your appetite for the NFL with productions like Al Davis vs. NFL either Man in the Arena: Tom Brady. Once you have exhausted these options, you better know that the Sunday and Monday Night Football of the 2022 season will be broadcast by StarPlus and ESPN.

It will be next Thursday, September 8, when the NFL kicks off with an offensive duel between the Los Angeles Rams against the Buffalo Bills and from here the regular season broadcasts will begin both on the ESPN channels and the platform of StarPlus.

The NFL starts today by Star Plus!

This also contemplates the expected game in the Mexico City that will take place in the emblematic Azteca Stadium on November 21 among the San Francisco 49ers. by Kyle Shanahan against the Arizona Cardinals led by Kliff Kingsbury.

Once January arrives, this in Playoff dates, you can also find in StarPlusa platform where you can see titles linked to Marvel such as Hit Monkey, Dead Pool 2 either MOD OKthe 6 AFC postseason games. Once this facet of the season is resolved, you will also have the Pro Bowl within reach of your mobile device and the road will end on Sunday, February 12 with the long-awaited Super Bowl.


The Denver Broncos will debut Russell Wilson as QB, while Tom Brady at 45 years old will seek his eighth championship ring.

Are you one of the people who needs to review every play and decision of the head coach? Then you’re in luck because StarPlus and ESPN Extra will also offer the NFL RedZone program and NFL Live from the Mexico officesso you will have the experts on the grid giving punctual comments behind each first and 10.

Now you know! Not only will you be able to enjoy the film that promises to mark modern science fiction as it is Predator: The Prey either Saint Avoidseries produced by Mexican actress Salma Hayek, You will also have the NFL signal at your disposal through StarPlus to watch the 2022 season.

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