The message that an international artist wanted to send to her followers about her belly

She jumped to fame as an actress with her participation in the Disney Channel series “Wizards of Waverly Place” in 2007. From that moment 15 years have passed, in which Selena Gomez He continued to consolidate himself as a world star, although he finally chose to take an artistic turn in his career and launch himself as a solo singer. Throughout her career she has released songs with renowned artists such as Charlie Puth, with whom she got more than two billion views on YouTube with hers “We Don’t Talk Anymore“But the artist not only writes and participates with American singers; her Latin roots, which she carries as one of her most important values, have led her to launch songs with authentic exponents of Latin American music today such as Ozuna, Camilo or Rauw Alejandro.

Selena Gómez is a faithful defender of the values ​​of women and the “body-positive”, as it has shown in numerous public interventions. One of the last publications of her Tik Tok, in fact, has been highly commented on social networks, since the artist came out in a swimsuit with a natural pose and background audio where it could be understood that she “put her belly in”, which she refused. This message has reached more than 14 million people who have already seen the video and has caused a barrage of positive comments regarding what she was doing, both in English and in Spanish. “You make me feel comfortable in my own skin”; “Selena natural sculpture”; “the most beautiful in the universe”; or “inspiration and role model”, have been some of the messages.

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Selena Gomez has joined artists like Camila Cabello, who have constantly had to deal with comments about their physique. The artist has had to deal with depression and anxiety throughout her career, which led her to leave social networks on several occasions. The networks are a source of constant criticism, although now Selena seems to know how to deal with it. In fact, during the confinement she became a support for many people by participating in “Selena + Chef”a cooking show broadcast on HBO where the artist learned recipes at the same time as her viewers, mixing her naturalness and humor with the format.

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