the ex-husband comments on the marriage to Ben Affleck

JLO and Ben Affleck: her ex-husband talks about it

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married in the past few days in Las Vegas, followed by a romantic honeymoon in Paris. A perfect and idyllic setting although not everyone thinks the same way. Her ex-husband, Cuban chef Ojani Noa took the floor.

“I don’t think they will last long”

For the Daily Mail, Ojani Noa has had her say on his ex-wife’s recent marriage. “I wish her well, but I don’t think this wedding will last long“. To then go into more specifics of why this is precisely his thought, as he reports “She has been engaged six times, Ben Affleck is her fourth husband. Every time she believes it, every time she thinks she has the man of her life beside her. She even believed it of me“. And he commented again specifying: “Jen is in love with love, she loves being in love“. In short, a portrait of the current marriage of the ex, not too happy.

The marriage of Jennifer Lopez and Ojani Noa

The marriage between the queen of pop and the Cuban chef it only lasted a year (1997 is the year in which they exchanged their promises of love). On the motivation of this end there would be – according to Ojani’s statements – the immense popularity of the singer. Or rather, who would have hindered their relationship, using JLo’s fame as a pretext.

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