Stromae releases a single with Camila Cabello

It is a reinterpretation of a song from his album “crowd“, called “Mon Amour”, now in collaboration with the singer of Cuban origin.

Stromae has released a new single, “Mon Amour”, a dance-funk summer song in collaboration with the American singer, songwriter and actress of Cuban origin Camila Hair. Together, they carry the track (originally included on Stromae’s third studio album, “Crowd”) to a new dimension through Camila’s voice. The theme has been produced by Stromae’s little brother, Luc Van Haver.

Also released today is the hilarious accompanying video for “Mon Amour”led by Julien & Quentin. Located in the imaginary “Villa Mon Amour”, it shows a reality show where the participants make use of their charisma and seduction tools to reach the final. The ten participants (including fictional characters played by Stromae and Camila) do not hesitate to use all their weapons to win.

This spring, the acclaimed Belgian artist, composer, actor, producer, designer and director Stromae released his acclaimed third studio album, “Crowd”. The work, made up of twelve themes, was composed by Stromaeproduced by his label Mosaertand includes the singles “I sante”L’ill” Y “Fils De Joie”. “Crowd” is available on digital, CD and vinyl, including a special color edition.

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