Selena Gómez, tired of hiding her body, claims self-love, real bodies and their curves – Music

Selena Gómez has said enough to the stereotypes that have been harassing her for years from the media or the ‘haters’ of her social networks who call her ‘fat’ since she does not look as extremely thin as in previous years and it is that if women are exposed to the constant judgment of society, if we add the fact of being a public figure to the equation, the result is a constant focus on all aspects of their physique. The singer has wanted to show the most vindictive facet of her, making public his lack of interest in making society happybecause her only goal is to be a happy and real woman.

The singer is a most authentic woman who fights every day to claim to be authentic and not to obsessively seek physical perfection, as bodies experience changes and it is normal to gain or lose weight, it is completely natural not to have smooth skin without stretch marks, pimples and cellulite. Just as not all bodies are required to have a normative weight or to hide if they do not have the flattest abdomen in the world. And this is precisely what Selena has done in her latest Instagram post, speaking loud and clear about how no longer intends to hide his belly on the beach only to simulate a more normatively accepted weight or figure.

The actress and singer understands the importance of loving oneself as it ispreserving self-esteem and prioritizing it over the criticism of others or the iron canons of beautysomething that has helped him in his search for a balanced mental health. And it is that the most important thing is health and Selena knows a lot about that, who suffers from lupus, an autoimmune and chronic disease with which she has been living for years, and that makes her weight change constantly, looking very thin in stages or curvier in others.

Because of what she has learned to love herself, to value life above what people think, showing herself very comfortable in a swimsuit with her current figure: “I’m not going to put it in. The real bellies are back” she says proud of herself.

Selena has helped many people with this allegation, as she has managed to teach a great lesson in self-love and acceptance with this video, which was widely applauded on networks, flooding with ‘Body Positive’ messages: “Selena I love you, you are a great example and inspiration”, others said: “Bravo Sel, that’s right, you are a beautiful woman with your curves”, “Bravo , the pure truth and someone said it” or “you are perfect like that”.

But not always the ‘hate’ of networks comes from the aspect of having kilos or not of more, sometimes the artists also have to endure being accused of extreme thinness or appear to be diseases as hard as a TCA (Eating Behavior Disorder) only because they have lost weight. This is the case of Danna Paola, who after her appearance at Los Premios Juventud, there are numerous social network users who brand the Mexican actress and singer as being “extremely thin”while others defend it and they ask to put an end to “body shaming”, or what is the same, giving opinions about other people’s bodies.

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