Selena Gomez shows her belly and is proud of it: “Now it’s fashionable”

Hold the belly momentarily blocking the breath is a gesture that many women, especially the famous and very exposed ones, perform automatically when they are in favor of the camera, thanks to the cultural diktat according to which “perfect” stomachs must be flat. Selena Gomez he doesn’t fit, and refuses to pull his belly in because he defiantly says “Real stomachs are in fashion now.”

With a nice video published on TikTok in which he uses an audio in which two girls talk (“Hold your belly!” “No, I’m not holding a cabbage!”) The pop star throws a message body positive which invites women not to complicate their lives to appear as certain standards want by now obsolete. A message that has a gigantic echo, given its 42.5 million followers on Tik Tok and 341 million on Instagram. On the other hand, the thin and slender female body is no longer in fashion, even Victoria Beckham said so, so why impose this brief torture to appear what one is not?

In her one-piece swimsuit – signed by La Marriette, an inclusive swimwear brand – Selena Gomez shows herself completely natural while enjoying her holidays on the boat: currently the pop star is in Italy, in Capri. It is not the first time that the singer exposes herself in terms body positive: some time ago he gave TikTok this reflection: “I don’t care about my weight, people will talk about it anyway: too short, too fat, that doesn’t suit you. I am perfect as I am“.


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by Giulia Mattioli

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