Selena Gomez helps you build confidence in your body with this message

Selena Gomez who feels safe in her body invites us to have as much trust in our bodies!

The star is on vacation these days in Italy and, in a bathing suit on board a boat that sailed the seas of our country, he recorded a TikTok which is a panacea for body positivity.

He chose an audio that begins with a voice that says “pull back the bellya “and, in lip-sync, Selena peremptorily replies:”I’m not going to back down anything. The real bellies are back. Okay?“.

You can see the TikTok here on his account.


Selena Gomez, 30 – getty images

Striving to look like you are not, for example remembering to constantly keep your belly inside is not only impossible but it distracts you from the most important thing: living life!

Fans loved it Selena Gomez’s message which reminds us to take advantage of the moment, without paranoia about the “external appearance.”You don’t realize how much this video helps us young women. Thank you“wrote for example a user in the comments.

Another added some very wise words: “Feeling comfortable in your body is what makes you beautiful“.

Thanks Selena Gomez for starting such a beautiful and important speech on body positivity!

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