Selena Gomez applauds “royal stomachs”

The singer showed off her midriff in a Tik Tok video and when her date told her to “put it in,” she replied that she wouldn’t.

Selena Gomez He is always in the crosshairs of everything and more on social media, most of the things he posts on his accounts go viral in minutes, causing Internet users to take sides. But, one of the themes that the artist has always defended is the body positive.

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On this occasion, the famous uploaded a video to her Tik Tok account where she is shown in a blue swimsuit while sunbathing aboard a yacht, but her companion is heard saying “put it in” referring to her abdomen, but she immediately replied “I’m not going to put it in. Real stomachs are in, ok?

As if that were not enough, more than three million people have liked the video in just 24 hours and there are more than 10 thousand comments that celebrate Selena Gómez’s action for defending real bodies.

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Let us remember that it is not the first time that the singer shows her body as it is, because last year she promoted some bikinis of the brand La Mariette, where it was shown without retouching or editing. So many of her fans applauded her for being proud of her figure.


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