Roblox presents the new Manchester City uniform

Roblox presents the new Manchester City uniform

Roblox presents the new Manchester City uniform

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As a constantly updated creative platform, Roblox It has become an ideal virtual space to be exploited commercially, which opens up the possibilities of collaboration with famous brands, since the user base is hundreds of millions. As part of this, one of the most important soccer clubs today has not missed the opportunity and presented its uniform in this digital world.

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Roblox join forces with Manchester City

The 2022-2023 world soccer season is about to start and the teams are presenting their new uniforms. In this case, Manchester City, from England, did the same but through the creative platform Roblox, which served as a showcase to reveal the third uniform that the team will wear in some of its games. This fact was possible thanks to the collaboration of Puma, a sports brand, the English team and Roblox Corporation, who joined forces to promote the club’s marketing in this sector.

This also means that from now on, Roblox has Manchester City-inspired content in its store, meaning fans of this football team will be able to express their passion on the platform. In fact, the proposal revolves around the design of the third uniform, which is inspired by the symbol of the worker bee that has been part of the history of Manchester for more than 150 years.

The presentation of the third Manchester City kit in Roblox joined the world revelation, as it is one of the most popular teams today, accounting for the advancement of the platform in sectors outside of video games and technology.

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