Roblox Devs Admit They’re Overwhelmed By Game Hackers

The creators of Roblox are severely affected by the sheer number of hackers plaguing their games to a level that they have been forced to ask for help.

The best of Roblox it’s how diverse the game is and how it allows creative minds to bring almost any project to life. From tower defense games to full-on horror games, Roblox is a very liberating game development tool.

However, like many other games, Roblox also faces hackers like Warzone and Apex Legends who only seek to gain an unfair advantage and ruin the games of all users.

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Lord Jurrd/ Roblox Corp

Roblox developers complain about the number of hackers

The developer “Hutch” explained in the official forum from the gamer who had recently helped turn a paid Roblox competitive game into a free game and shared the following stats.

  • “6 million views with an average player count of ~2,500 (highest since launch)
  • 2,964 moderators banned users (~40% of reports came from users)
  • 25,342 bans automatically generated by anti-cheat services at a rate of ~817 per day”.

This data indicates that nearly 1,000 hackers and cheaters are getting banned every day. Some figures too big for a smaller team working on a Roblox game, showing the hard work.

It’s exhausting and demoralizing dealing with hackers all the timeHutch explained. “The pleasure I get from developing games on Roblox doesn’t even begin to make up for exhaustion that I and my moderation team suffered”.

A situation that is also complicated by the little assistance that the Roblox platform carries out: “it is a much bigger problem than just an anti-cheat problem, and it seems that Roblox does not help developers with those problems.”

According to account, Roblox “it only has a moderation tool for developers (with outdated docs and no tutorial to make the ban system they refer to in the docs)”. An element that further underlines the problems of hacks that the servers have.

These are just complaints from a developer behind one of the games within the Roblox universe, so it begs the question of how many other competitive games also face these kinds of obstacles.

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