Reveal Amber Heard orgies with billionaires

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The drama and controversy around Amber Heard continues. After losing Johnny Depp’s libel suit against her and the jury deciding she must pay the actor $10.3 million, new details have emerged about the case. Documents that were not included have been revealed, as well as details of the life of the actress of ‘Aquaman’.They reveal alleged Amber Heard sex parties with billionaires

The website House Inhabit, run by Jessica Reed Kraus, released recent information about the actress’s racy Los Angeles parties, which apparently involved alcohol, drugs and sexual activity. In addition, the article revealed details about who was attending these parties, including the richest man in the world: Elon Musk.

The piece is based on information from various sources, including someone named ‘Gia’, which is a pseudonym to protect her identity. According to the article, informants gave details about costumes, satanic themes and lesbian orgies performed on stages built in residences in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, as well as the Bay Area, but who attended these parties?

The meetings, according to the piece, were attended by “tech gods, venture capitalists, founders, top executives, and up-and-coming entrepreneurs,” who met once a month to “enjoy wild nights fueled by alcohol, sex and copious amounts of ecstasy.

“Lots of hot young girls rubbing each other in satanic-style leather outfits on stage, Amber on a throne-like chair in the center. Legs spread, perfect porn star pussies on display, performing sexual acts for a room full of men looking down.”points out the article House Inhabit.

According to the text, Amber Heard lured other struggling young actresses, usually gay, to work as escorts and make appearances or perform at events for Elon Musk and other businessmen.Was Amber Heard Blackmailing Elon Musk?: “She Has Some Dark Shit On Him”

According to the article, Musk paid Amber’s legal bills in her defamation case, as well as Heard’s donation debt, but what were his motives? Blackmail theories have gained credence as, according to informants, “Amber was constantly recording Musk. She had a strategy. She was an expert at it. For the damning events to take place, she would make Elon very angry and then record everything on video.”

“There’s always been a rumor that she has some dark shit on him, and for that he owes her.”added one of the sources.

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