Querétaro presents the XVll State Congress of Family and General Medicine

The owner of the Secretary of Health of the state of Querétaro (SESA), María Martina Pérez, began the XVIII Querétaro State Congress of Family and General Medicine, with the aim of keeping state doctors updated.

The congress will take place from August 4 to 6 Virtually and in person, it will be held at the facilities of the Holiday Inn Hotel in the historic center of Querétaro.

The event featured various keynote speeches, such as the Dr. Marisol Gomezan expert in the pharmaceutical sector, Dr. Joseph Saragossa Surgeon with Specialty in Intensive Therapy and Dr. Irma QuintaniillaMedical specialist in Family Medicine.

What topics will they deal with?

The conferences will address different topics such as cannabis medicine, vaccine against COVID-19 and glaucoma. In addition, face-to-face workshops will be held on obesity and transplants, among others.

For its part, Martina Perez, He affirmed the importance of family medicine in health systems, because by providing primary care, health in general is strengthened.

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